Jesse Ventura proves he has an ulterior motive by discrediting fellow conspiracy publicist David Icke

Self proclaimed conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura interviews David Icke.

While doing an interview Jesse stone walls David Icke claiming David is only doing what he is doing for the money.

GreyStar has this question for Jesse Ventura.

Why did you do it Jesse, If your goal is to get answers why would you attack a fellow conspiracy publicist? 

With ties to politics,Hollywood and the U.S. Military Jesse Ventura has a lot to gain for his hidden masters by attacking David Icke in this interview.

David has been a long term approved researcher backed by Greystar Paranormal Institute and we have nothing but respect for this legitimate researcher.

Ventura's actions makes  the entire conspiracy community question his overall agenda.

It seems as though Jesse Ventura wants to discredit David Icke for reasons that would only benefit individuals/entities that David Icke has discribed as the ruling elite reptilians.

Watch this interview and decide Jesses motives for yourself.