Why choose Greystar?

Our research is very important to the entire scientific & paranormal community and by coming to us with your legitimate paranormal experience, you are doing an important service towards the paranormal community.

Why are you doing the paranormal community a service you might ask?

  1. We feel that there are a lot of disinformation agents out there in the main stream paranormal field. Either intentionally misleading the public or unintentionally conveying bad information. These organizations might be part of a much bigger picture regarding the entire universe and its secrets.

  2. GreyStar is a legitimate paranormal research organization available to the public. We have extensive paranormal knowledge, training and the proper resources & equipment. We are not run by a covert government/or aliens related disinformation organization built to cover up evidence of legitimate paranormal phenomena.

  3. We have the knowledge and experience to understand exactly what we are looking at in order to properly help our clients and the planet.

  4.  We're not here to sell a book,DVD package or movie deal by exploiting your case for our own personal gain.

  5. We truly want to help the entire human race realize that the universe is much bigger than they think and that science has only began to scratch the surface of the knowledge available to us.