Why you should report UFO sightings!

We've all heard about the movies regarding alien encounters, titles such as, Close encounters, The 4th Kind, Signs & war of the worlds, just to name a few.

How realistic are these movies? Could aliens really be visiting earth?


According to our research there are better chances of you seeing a UFO or being abducted by aliens than there are of you winning the lottery or being struck by lightening. YES IT’S TRUE!

The latest roper poll states that almost 4% of the planet has encountered other worldly visitors. The scariest part of all is that some of these people didn't even need to leave their bedrooms.

Alien abductions or alien encounters are usually linked to a UFO sighting. This makes perfect sense. Most advanced civilizations usually have some mode of transportation. What better form of transport could you ask for? A vehicle that can warp time and space just to go to the mall would be wonderful around the holidays, just think about it, no lines and no waiting, just by pop in grab what you want and pop out as if you were never there. What a great way to go shopping or even better, what a great way to kidnap unsuspecting humans.

In New Hampshire there are literally hundreds of UFO sightings each year, most of them are happening right in our own back yards. 70% of these sightings aren't being reported. How do we know? We asked a random sampling of New Hampshire citizens online. A lot of them saw UFO's but never reported them to local UFO reporting centers such as “NUFORC". When asked why, we got three different answers.

1.) They didn't think anyone would care.

2.) Who do you tell something like that too are there really UFO reporting centers?

3.) The UFO reporting sites are kind of a hassle.

GreyStar believes that most UFO's are here for a reason, typically human abductions or observations, and other reasons that we will explain in a future blog.

So next time you see a UFO and think nothing of it, just remember that cars don't just drive down the street for no reason. They are usually going somewhere and have an agenda. You could be an unwitting witness to an alien abduction or the return of an abductee and may not have even realized it.

Let's look at it from this perspective. If a person observes a get-away car fleeing the scene of an armed robbery or a violent crime, that person would be considered a very important witness in a court case. The same holds true for someone that witnesses a UFO that possibly just finished abducting someone. Now it just became a very serious situation. Weather the aliens are from zeta Reticuli or New Jersey, kidnapping of any kind is still a crime.

Why does GreyStar think reporting a UFO is so important besides the obvious crime implications?

Some of you may not be aware but, a UFO sighting report helps out abduction investigators a lot more than you’d think. Let's say for example there is an alien abduction reported to GreyStar on (June 5th 2008 at 11pm). Unfortunately this abductee has no evidence to back up their claim. However in the same area on the same night at the same time there was a UFO sighting reported to GreyStar or some other UFO reporting database. Now let say we cross referenced those databases and found a match between the UFO sighting and the abduction. This finding now lends more credibility to the abductee's story. Why?

Someone seeing a UFO on the same evening that someone else has reported an alien abduction is literally the same idea as someone seeing that vehicle fleeing the scene of the crime we talked about earlier. It places the suspect in the area at the time of the crime. The suspect being the aliens, the vehicle being the UFO and the crime being the abduction.

Now that we have told you some great reasons for reporting A UFO sighting, let me tell you about our paranormal reporting form. My organization GreyStar Paranormal Institute has developed a much faster and easier way to report what you have experienced. No more hassle from the annoying UFO reporting centers complicated confusing forms. Just fill out our simple form and leave it at that.

Most people see something in the sky and think "hmm that has to be an airplane" even if it’s not making any noise and the lights seem a little unusual. Others see something blatantly unusual and shrug it off because simply they don't feel that it's anything important.

All that really matters to us is that you saw something highly unusual and you want to report it, right?

I can't knock those other guys UFO reporting forms entirely though because let's face it, those forms are meant to do two important things. 1.) They are meant to gather detailed information about a UFO sighting & 2.)  They are great for weeding out the idiots that think it's funny to make things up.

So they are good for something. However we at GreyStar feel that this process needs to be quick and painless due to so many people not having time to fill out long forms.

With that said,

GreyStar has a simpler form that you can use to report your paranormal experience

The small questionnaire will be done before you know it. It literally has just a few questions. Where? When? Did it leave any evidence? And did you take any pictures or video?

Wasn't that easy?

All you have to do is go to the home page at www.GreyStarPi.org and click the big red button that says

"I would like to report a paranormal experience"

I hope you've enjoyed this blog and I look forward to giving you a lot more information about the paranormal field and all its amazing aspects.