Scavenger Drones

Scavenger Drones

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Maybe you’ve felt this while you are going for a hike in the woods, or even just walking down the street at dusk? Maybe you feel the need to keep your window shades closed at night because you sense a presence peering in at you. Whatever the reason is, it feels ominous and unnatural.

Human beings have something called a primal instinct. It’s what keeps us safe and helps us survive. This safety feature is embedded into our DNA and automatically activates the self-preservation mechanism inside of us; often referred to as fight or flight.  Ever notice how animals can sense when someone is upset or hurt, even if the signs are not externally visible? Human beings possess the same ability. Some people can just sense when something isn’t quite right.

Imagine for a moment that the feeling you had of being watched when you thought that you were alone was justifiable.

Someone or something was in fact watching you.  Perhaps the identity of this illusive unknown stalker was so unusual that even if you looked directly at it you wouldn’t be able to see it simply because your mind wouldn’t know how to process the information it was receiving.

The proper or best known term for this event is called (perceptual blindness). It’s an event that occurs when the mind is so overwhelmed by what it is seeing that it actually blocks the event to protect us from essentially freaking out.

What if I told you that what is watching you isn’t actually human or animal? What if I told you it was something from beyond most people’s understanding? Would you believe me?

Several people have experienced UFO sightings. They report strange lights dancing in the night sky.  What if I told you that similar objects have been seen on the ground and they don’t always have their lights on?

What would they look like without the light show?

I can tell you. They would look like dark grayish metallic spheres. Some are extremely shiny silver or chrome in appearance and other gun metal black or almost hazy in appearance.

These spheres are usually described to be about the size of a basketball or yoga ball depending on the testimony of the eyewitness. However these spheres are not UFO’s. They are actually more closely related to a space probe that N.A.S.A. would send to an alien planet.

The only difference is they are visiting our planet and we are the aliens. These drones are essentially designed to function the exact same way that the Mars rover would work with a few extra features that one could only wish to begin to understand.

These intelligence gathering drones or as I call them (scavenger drones) are hidden in plain sight. They also have cloaking capabilities which can make them invisible when passersby are detected. However the drones do not always stay hidden. Sometimes these drones can be seen under the right conditions. The drones have a built in cerebral radar function. This mechanism for all intents and purposes has the ability to read your brainwaves like air radar can detect an airplane. It is also theory that thermal imaging, Ultraviolet and other spectrums are utilized by these drones as well.

The cerebral radar function becomes active when a being of a higher functioning brainwave comes within proximity of the drone.  The drone will then cloak itself like the alien from the movie ‘Predator’. Pretty cool huh? No, not really. It’s actually a pretty terrifying piece of technologically advanced spy gear. 

I said earlier that these spheres exist in plain sight. So if they are invisible how do I know they can be seen at all? Well as you know the human mind is a wonderful and mysterious super computer that we have yet to fully understand. Our thoughts can control our emotions and our health on a very physical level. Some studies show that our brainwaves or thoughts can literally effect the environment around us.

Some people have the amazing ability to control the signals that their brain puts out into the environment around them.

Have you ever met someone that was so kind and caring that even when you’re having a bad day their simple presence in the same room made you feel better even if they weren’t saying or doing anything? That’s their vibrational frequency radiating like a near field often referenced when explaining Electromagnetic fields in science.

Studies show that we can produce an energetic field around us. Our fields can literally affect the fields of others, and quite literally change the frequency of another person’s field which explains becoming happy were a certain someone comes in the room or upset for the same reasoning.

If someone could have that much control over their thoughts and emotions enough to change the environment around them unknowingly they may also have the ability to make themselves invisible to the alien drone’s cerebral radar.

I was surprised to find that I apparently possess this wonderful ability. I say apparently because I wasn’t consciously attempting to block the signal that allows the drone to detect the brainwave or energetic field I possess. I was walking through the woods peacefully and alone. My thoughts were clear and my brainwaves must have been at an undetectable frequency.

I’ve successfully meditated for several years and I have a strong command over my thoughts and emotions. So I didn’t purposely seek out the drone that I encountered. I actually just stumbled upon it by being in this super relaxed state. What can I say? Nature can be a wonderful and relaxing place if we only open our mind to the experience.   

Once you’ve learn how to become invisible to the drones radar you can then control whether or not the drone can see you. However the drone has other features that it can use to detect you, so be careful if you happen to come within close proximity to one.

Other people that have unconsciously stumbled upon these drones in a similar relaxed state have been chased by the drones. I was lucky. Witnesses have reported the drones as having the ability to light up with different colors, most commonly seen are white, green, or red, and then the drones either dart off away from the observer or attack them.

A similar event was also described on an episode of the TV show UFO hunters.

Now here is where it gets a little creepy. Where do these drones hide out when they aren’t surveying and gathering data? You would probably think that these drones would hide out where no one can see them right? Wrong. They have been seen in cities and towns and highways.

They are purposely designed to hide in wooded areas usually away from people. Less and less people go outside these days so I am assuming they can be caught off guard a lot easier if people break certain patterns of hiking and fishing and such. These drones need to go wherever the information they require is located.

They take cover in swamps and other bodies of water whenever they are not seeking data which is why most of the reported sightings of these spheres have taken place over water or wooded areas. This makes perfect sense.

There was a situation several years ago when one of these drones crashed into the side of a police vehicle. There was an episode of Sci-Fi Field guide that played out a reenactment of the event.

OK so now you have a ton of questions right? Let us answer some of them. Yes these drones can be in your back yard just out of sight. Yes they can sense your presents. No don’t go looking for them. Yes they seem to be intelligently controlled at some points. It’s still not clear if they are controlled by advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence) or if they are controlled by someone or something else remotely. I plan on diving deeper into the research involved in this phenomena.

Remember the next time you go hiking and feel like something might be watching you, think twice before you assume it’s just a deer or some other hiker. Clear your mind and take a closer look around you. You might be an unwitting subject to an alien observation unit.

My suggestion for if you do encounter one of these drones. Keep calm, act natural, if you can keep cool and take a video of the event then go for it. If you feel that it is going to harm you go to the nearest populated location as fast as possible.

Witnesses that have attempted to take video have described their mood changing dramatically. They will describe extreme fatigue, depression or in some cases abject fear for their lives. It is best to avoid any long term contact. Seek medical attention immediately if the drone comes in physical contact with you. Investigators have reported higher than normal levels of background radiation in rear cases.

It’s best to be safe than sorry.

If you search YouTube for videos on this subject you’ll find some objects that can be seen clear as day hovering over bodies of water. Most of these videos are CGI (computer generated images). These hoax videos are often made to grab likes, views and followers of the channel they are on.

Unfortunately they also serve to distract and confuse you so that you won’t be able to decipher which sightings are real and which ones are not. I won’t go into conspiracies right now but I will say that this is a common situation that occurs when someone wants to cover up the real sightings by discrediting the phenomena with fake CGI videos.

So be mindful of the information that you receive from any source and use your best judgment. GreyStar will never try to deceive you. I can only speak from my own personal experience with this particular subject. So as a representative member of GreyStar you can take comfort in the fact that GreyStar only publicizes accounts of legitimate paranormal phenomena.

As the founder I try my best to decipher reality from fiction by using the best methods of analyzation available.

So if and when we post anything regarding this or any other phenomena rest assured it will be genuine. I personally do not care for having the most followers, likes or subscribers. I do care that proper information is given to the public.  So I will leave you with some video examples of the phenomena in question. Real of fake these are relatively close to what I personally experienced in the woods of Southern New Hampshire. Strange things are happening.

 Here are a few links with similar accounts documenting the probe phenomena. 

Example case:

 Click Picture for full case information

Click Picture for full case information

The video on the (LEFT) below is a reenactment using CGI. This video is just an example to show that this phenomena can easily be hoaxed. However I assure you that this phenomena is very real and there are real videos out there. The Video on the (RIGHT) is a man from Sweden witnessing what seems to be a type of scavenger probe.