7 things you should do when you see a UFO.


Keep CALM- You’ll want to respond to the situation, NOT RE-ACT: What’s the difference?
(Re-actions are messy knee jerk emotions to situations that need a calm controlled response)

1.) GET SOMETHING TO RECORD THE SIGHTING WITH! Making a record of the event is priority. It will help back your story later on and you’ll have evidence that you’re not crazy.

2.) Pay attention to your surroundings. Knowing where you are in relation to an object will help you identify it better. i.e. are you near an airport or event such as fireworks display or concert. Some events use aerial advertisements to draw attention to their location. Try ruling out objects like Chinese lanterns or Drones. (These days there are a lot weirder but explainable objects in the sky than there were 30 years ago).

3.) Note the time & location on video if you can. If not write it down. This will be key to deciphering if what you saw was truly an Unidentified object or not. Investigators will cross reference your notes with other local sightings if any and flight plans for local flight paths in that area for normal aerial transport.

4.) Make verbal notes on the video such as what you’re seeing with your eyes in comparison to what the video camera is actually picking up, the time, the location, the weather, your distance from the object, the shape, size, color, & movement of the object etc.
(Also note sounds and smells in your video. This might sound weird but, some of the people that have witnessed UFO’s close up have heard some odd noises and described a sulfur/rotten eggs like smell).

5.) If any other witnesses are present, ask them to verify on video or in writing what they saw and if you don’t know them try exchanging information.

6.) If missing time occurs during the event, then you have more than likely witnessed something other than just an object in the sky. Seek assistance immediately from a ufologist. You could have been exposed to something that will give them scientific evidence that will help officially verify your claim. (Also you might need a medical evaluation to ensure your own safety). Most Ufo reporting centers will provide this evaluation at little to no cost.

7.) After you’ve gathered all the information about the event make an official report by contacting a local ufo reporting center. You can google it and a few of the well-known ones will show up.