The 3D Audio method tutorial for capturing EVP

An inside look at a higher standard of recording (EVP) Electronic Voice Phenomena.

The GreyStar 3D audio method was created as a means to capture electronic voice phenomena during paranormal investigations.

This method brings the most credible EVP data to light as the method is derived from professional audio recording standards.

GreyStar Paranormal Institute currently has training classes available to help other paranormal organizations utilize this unique technique for capturing class A EVP. This instructional video contains an EVP experiment that can be attempted at home along with advice as to which audio recording software can be used with this method of capturing electronic voice phenomena.

As paranormal investigators we owe it to ourselves, our clients and the over all paranormal community to work together to bring paranormal research and investigations to a higher standard.

using professional techniques that require calculated measures is a great start.

No more mucking about with regurgitated paranormal TV show nonsense as a backing for methods of research.

We at Greystar Paranormal Institute are literally handing you a better way of investigating. Please use this video as a reference when conducting any EVP session as it is the new standard for collecting Electronic voice phenomena data.


3D audio method