Black Triangle UFO Sighting in New Hampshire

Several months ago I was contacted by a woman that claimed to have witnessed a large black Triangle shaped UFO hover slowly over her house. This event was witnessed by both her and her husband. A report was made and the sighting was investigated by Greystar Paranormal Institute.

Prior to finding us our witnesses reached out to several other local ufo groups however, none that were contacted could offer any realistic help that this particular couple deserved when it came to helping them cope with the highly unusual sighting and to find answers for them.

Missing time was involved and any one that knows this field of research knows that the most common way of retrieving the memories from missing time is to under go hypnotherapy, So the couple and myself made several failed attempts to reach out to other so called "Reputable" ufo organizations so that we could make contact with a reputable hypnotherapist. Unfortunately all attempts were unsuccessful and once we finally found someone the results of the hypnotherapy were inconclusive. 

Greystar continues to work with this couple to this very day in order to assist them in their efforts to find answers to what exactly happened to them that fateful day. The following video is an on camera interview with our client. Her story has never changed.

We at GreyStar truly believe her case is a genuine experience. With that said this report and video is our attempt to reach out to the general public to ask if anyone else has seen anything strange in the new Hampshire area to please contact us so that we can help this couple find answers and solace that they are not alone