Exeter UFO Festival

This years Exeter UFO festival was really nice. I got to walk around and meet some very openminded people from the area. I also passed out some flyers to see if anyone that has seen a ufo our has been abducted by aliens would like to talk about it on camera for my show.

Exeter UFO Festival

While there I took some pictures with Richard Dolan, Peter Robbins and Kathleen Marden. I also spoke with Seacoast saucers about promoting my video series to their clients just in case one of them were interested in speaking publicly about their encounter.

The cost to see the speakers was $20, that’s big jump since the festival started. However it is for a good cause. Unfortunately I witnessed about 6 people turn away from seeing speakers do the the cost. “The festival use to be free”.  This increase in price does a few things to the festival and the ufology community,

1.) it makes the festival look a little greedy, however I’m sure they have to give the speakers a few bucks to keep them coming back and pay their expenses which I’m sure is a lot. (Of course that is my assumption)

2.) it takes away the chance to spread awareness on the topic of ufos and aliens in this area of New Hampshire, which I think is a shame.

I paid close attention to the crowd and I overheard a lot. I even got a lot on video when it came to how disappointed the crowd reacted over the cost. I even over heard one woman say to her friend “I really wish it didn’t cost so much, now I’ll never know if the truth is really out there” ((Jokingly))… I got a kick out of that.

The food smelt great and the venders looked to be raking in the $$$. The kids were having a lot of fun and I heard a lot of folks engaging in conspiracy talk, alien talk and ufo talk. I definitely felt at home in that environment.

All in all I think that the event was a major success, however I hope that next year they lower the ticket cost, otherwise I don’t see them getting an increase in turn out for next years event. Disappointed faces from this year won’t be back next year. I however, will be back next year and I will be bringing some friends with me this time.

Heck I might even be in the lobby plugging my own paranormal organization. It only seems fitting that the only paranormal research organization with 20+ years’ experience, an amazing website and YouTube channel and a multitude of clients be present at such an event. After all I did give them the idea to sell half the alien products they were pedaling this year from way back when I was present with Starborn support selling alien souvenirs back when the festival was just starting out. If anyone can help put Exeter on the map it’s Jonny Paranormal 😉

I put together a little video to show you what the festival looked like this year. I hope you all enjoy.

Jonathan Grey visits the Exeter UFO Festival IN Exeter New Hampshire.