Greystar Paranormal Institute

Paranormal Experiencers meeting

This is a monthly group meeting held at the Kelley Library in Salem New Hampshire the first Wednesday of each month.

Paranormal experiencers meeting-.png

“What is asked of you?”

NOTHING! This meeting is 100% “FREE from Charge or Donation”, Keep your money! You can just sit in and listen or share anything you’d like. There is an optional meeting attendance form that you may fill out for our personal records. We don’t share any of your info but again it is optional.

“This is about TRUE paranormal education!”

We’re not there to sell T-shirts or books, GreyStar wants you to be able to share your unusual paranormal experience with likeminded individuals that want to find out more about what they’ve experienced, in a supportive and judgment free setting.

GreyStar has over 20 years’ experience in the field of paranormal research. Their staff will be present to help set the stage and answer any questions pertaining to the phenomena you’ve experienced.

“What unusual experiences qualify for going to this meeting?”

ANY! Come share anything odd that has happened to you. There is no criteria for this meeting other than an interest in paranormal topics.

Some organizations are set up to counsel people with poltergeist issues, alien abduction issues or bigfoot encounters. We can help you with just about anything.

“Why have a meeting for this subject?”

Each year millions of people experience something odd, from a UFO sighting to shadow beings in their home. From lost objects reappearing in a spot that they just looked, to missing time or vivid dreams that happen later in the waking world.

These people have no outlet and no reference point for their unusual experiences and so they get put on the back burner. If they try to talk about it openly with friends or family then it becomes this mocked taboo. 

At GreyStar we feel that this is the wrong reaction. We live in a paranormal reality. We shouldn’t outright dismiss something that is a part of our reality just because we don’t fully understand it.

Scientist try to find the answers to everything. This process of research has led us to great discoveries. In the 1500’s people use to believe that illnesses were due to curses or the will of the gods. Later at the end of the 1600’s medical science discovered bacteria and a little thing called germs that can make you ill. Thus, nullifying the idea that illnesses were curses or the punishment from some omnipotent being. Till this very day we are still making huge discoveries. We at GreyStar believe that working with individuals that have encountered the unexplained will help us perfect our services and get a better understanding of the phenomena that is taking place all around us.

So please come to our meeting, bring an open mind and a positive attitude and be ready to make new discoveries together.