Paranormal Public Service Announcement


I find it remarkable that the scientists at Cern, working on the massive hadron collider have spent billions of dollars trying to recreate the conditions present at the moment of the big bang, yet paranormal investigators conduct equally important research, by trying to find proof of life after death, the existence of extra-terrestrial life, and the search for cryptid creatures all while only spending on average of around $2,000 on their scientific equipment per paranormal organization. I would say that the field of paranormal research is grossly underfunded by comparison.

However, Cern operates using top scientists from around the world and most paranormal investigators are far over on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think that really says something about the way the masses will potentially view the paranormal community in the very near future if we do not dramatically change course.

I think that we need to put more thought into our actions as paranormal investigators. We need to stop going around claiming that we use science when in fact 90% of all paranormal investigators cannot recite the scientific method found in the school books of most 3rd graders. If we are to be taken seriously, we must set higher community standards and base more of our research upon science and less upon what is popular opinion, without fear of being shunned because we choose not to go with the crowd because the crowd isn’t always right.

We need less make believe, and more reality. We need more well educated individuals in this field and less high school drop outs, we need more well organized paranormal investigation groups and less fly by night TV show fan wannabes. We need to kick these organizations out of the mainstream and set a new standard for all paranormal researchers out there.

We need to let them know that the overwhelming idiosyncrasies of using pseudo-science amongst the field will no longer be accepted. This idea won’t make me popular, but I’m not here for popularity, I’m here for answers, real ones! Not popular opinion of uneducated masses looking for a deal with a big television network. I don’t feel that this is an unreasonable statement or suggestion by any means. In fact I believe it will help change things for the better. Most of the masses are no longer seeing paranormal research as a realistic field of study, but instead they are seeing it as a form of lite entertainment typically associated with Halloween as a novelty, and not a real phenomenon.

If this statement upsets you and you don’t agree with its contents, then take a good look in the mirror, you’re more than likely part of the problem. Stop what you’re doing and reevaluate your role in the paranormal community, and if you’re not doing a proper service to your clients and to the community then please leave. There is no more room for nonsense. However if you do agree please continue what you’re doing and share this video, we need to set a higher standard and we need to do it together with one voice before so much damage is done that we as a collective may never fully recover.