Paranormal Recovery

The drug crisis in New Hampshire affects everyone on some level, but what about people in the paranormal community? We've all joked around about drug use when a friend says they think their house is haunted or they've see a UFO. People often snicker and use the phrase "what were you smoking?" in response to someone telling them about their strange encounter.


The words have become such a common form of heckling that not many people put much thought into what they're actually saying?  One can only interpret this type of heckling as an attempt to discredit the witness by implying they use drugs recreationally. So what happens when someone experiences something supernatural and they have been using recreational drugs? Does this type of dismissal still hold weight? or are there times that we should put the jokes aside and take someone that has a substance abuse issue seriously when they say they've experienced the unexplainable?

I've come to find that its really no laughing mater after having taken on clients with drug abuse issues myself. At first I was hesitant as the stigma surrounding drug use and paranormal encounters is all too easily dismiss-able. Then I thought, aren't we as investigators doing a disservice to our clients and the over all paranormal community if we don't at least attempt to hear out all of our clients claims? 

I wanted to crush the stigma and give back some credibility to the clients that have had genuine paranormal encounters and also have used recreational drugs. So I reached out to some clients that fit the profile and in doing so I also found that there are several paranormal investigators in my area that also struggle with addiction issues. So I will be putting together a video called paranormal recovery in my attempt to understand paranormal encounters from the preservative of the recreational drug user.   Paranormal recovery will be put together over the next few weeks.