Alien Sphere Drones

It was early 2000's when I was hiking in a place called Den Rock Park in Lawrence Massachusetts,

I had just stopped for a short break while taking in some of the scenery when I noticed something unusual. 

As I gazed out over the marshlands I saw what I thought was a “can” reflecting the sun. As I homed in on the source of the reflection I was shocked to see a perfectly round sphere hovering motionlessly several inches above the Marshland.

I stood there for several seconds trying to figure out what I was seeing, Was this a Mylar balloon? I rationalized, then without warning the sphere seamlessly moved from one point of the marsh to another about 30 feet or so. 

I say seamlessly because the object didn't Bobble or wobble. It moved perfectly as if it was on a track and it stopped just as precisely. when it reached its new destination. Within about 5 seconds after stopping the sphere jerked straight down submerging itself in the murky waters of the marshland, almost as if it was aware of my presence, maybe it was trying to evade observation. 

I had an eerie feeling that as I observed the presence of the sphere, the sphere was also observing me. 

I never saw anything like that before, and I never thought I’d see anything like it again until several years later in 2007. I was driving through the back roads of Middleton Massachusetts and I saw a nice sunset, not anything spectacular but enough to take notice in appreciation. I felt unusually compelled to pull over and enjoy the sight. So, I pulled the car off to the side of the road into an embankment and parked. I got out and started snapping photos of the sunset.  

Then I felt compelled to take a short walk into the wooded area by yet AGAIN, another marshy area. I snapped a few more photos as I noticed that it was becoming dark really quick, so I made my way out of the woods and back to my vehicle. It wasn't till a few days later I noticed something unusual in one of the photos that I had snapped. 

Way up in the sky directly above the Marshland there it was, a shiny metallic Sphere, just hovering there, perfectly in the center of my photo as if it was the center of my attention and I purposely took a picture of it. Ironically the only reason I even noticed that it was there was that I was showing a friend how great the photo quality was on my then new camera. So, I tried zooming in to show how little degrade there was in picture quality when you enhance the photo and to my surprise at first I thought I was seeing a blemish in the photo but upon closer inspection I noticed that it was a perfect Metallic sphere hovering in the sky, just like the one I had encountered in Den Rock Park several years earlier.


I never knew just how common the sphere phenomena were until I started researching it. I searched the internet and found several references to Alien Spheres. One account that stood out to me as valid was, 


On May 26, 1974, Terry Mathew Betz, a 21 year-old pre-med student, along his mother Gerri and his father, Antoine, who was a marine engineer, were inspecting the damage caused by a brush fire on their 88 Acre property. They didn’t notice anything unusual at first but upon concluding their assessment of the damage, they came across a highly polished 8" metallic sphere weighing in at about 22 lbs.


The family took it home and placed it in their living room thinking nothing of it other than it being an usual find possibly a canon ball or a piece of a satellite. They noticed only one marking on the object, it was that of an elongated Triangle stamped into the surface of the sphere.


One-day Terry was playing guitar in the living room when the sphere started making humming, pulsing sounds.

Each time terry played, the sphere would react as if it was responding to the notes Terry played.

Days later the families dog started acting unusual around the sphere, crying and covering its ears due to the odd vibrations it was emitting, later the family would go on to describe poltergeist type activity taking place in their home such as doors slamming at all hours of the night and what sounded like organ music playing, even though the family didn’t have an organ.

The family would come to notice that the sphere would become more active on sunny days and less active on overcast days possibly indicating that the sphere might be solar powered. The sphere would move in opposing directions when force was used upon it, and it would also notice went it was in danger almost as if it had its own internal guidance system, it would go up slanted tables to avoid falling off the edge propelled by some kind of internal mechanism. The sphere was layer X-rayed, and scientists discovered that there were 2 smaller spheres inside of the sphere. It was also made of a stainless-steel material and could withstand up to 120,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch.

Scientist never discovered who or what manufactured it, or at least I couldn’t find anything on public record if they did in fact discover where it came from and who made it.

Dr. Harder a scientist that studied the sphere found that the two internal spheres are made of elements far heavier than anything known to science, he also stated that he hypothesized that if one were to drill a hole into the sphere that the sphere could go critical and explode like a bomb.

Dr. Harder went on to explain that:

“Because of this danger, and because the object is still presumably under surveillance by its supposed alien makers, Harder warned the future investigators against making any attempt to breach the hull of the Betz sphere.

I personally feel that the Betz sphere could very well be an alien drone device. Possibly sent to observe life on this planet or to complete some other task that we won’t understand until a future point in time.

I also feel that it might have also been responsible for the fire on the Betz property to begin with. The object seemed to be functioning oddly which makes me wonder if it was malfunctioning as the Sphere I have encountered at good at evading detection and do not simply allow someone to just pick it up and take it home.  So, I wonder If the sphere was in fact damaged in the first place with allowed the Betz to capture.