While driving down Route 28 in Salem NH, I came across what looked like a helicopter in the distance. We have had a lot of helicopter activity in New Hampshire in recent years so I take a special interest in observing their activity over the area. I noticed as I got closer that the object was not a helicopter and it appeared to have 3 spherical objects making up the whole object. I thought maybe the object was balloons as there is a party center directly below the area the object was over. I'm not sure as to the origin of the object however I have seen similar objects in the past in the area. All balloon possibilities aside what really caught my attention was while editing the video below I noticed that the object was moving in a perfectly straight line when I sped up the video. This is A-typical of Balloons, hence my taking the time to post this video. Also just before the object vanished clouds started to roll in just in that area of the sky. Behind me the sky was nice and blue with few clouds.

If you're from the Salem NH area and you happen to have seen this event take place please contact me.