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Extra-Terrestrial Support Group

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GreyStar has a firm understanding of the abduction phenomena and other forms of extraterrestrial contact on both a scientific and spiritual level.

There are many categories that a typical encounter can fall under and many folks choose to label their experience with extraterrestrials differently upon how they perceived their particular encounter.

The labels are as followed:

1.)  Experiencer, – A person that perceives their encounter is neither positive or negative but yet an opportunity to learn.


2.)  Abductee, – A person taken against their will.


3.)  Contactee, – A person that has an on-going relationship with their visitors and may perceive their experience as positive and with higher purpose.


An encounter with such beings can change ones perspective of the universe on multiple levels.

We are aware that this phenomenon is still considered to be a taboo subject in the eyes of our modern culture. Fortunately GreyStar considers this subject to be a legitimate phenomenon that deserves to be scrutinized by serious scientific organizations. This is why we have taken on the task of working with individuals that have encountered Extra-terrestrial beings. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the phenomena.

We understand that we are not the first organization to take on this particular field of inquiry and we will probably not be the last. So with that said why should you choose to work with GreyStar Paranormal Institute?

The answer is simple,

We offer a unique perspective that only a person that has had a literal alien encounter can relate to, we also offer scientific practices that are strictly unique to Greystar Paranormal Institute in which no other paranormal investigation organization has applied to the field.

Established in 1997 we have several years in the field of paranormal research and investigation, our organization employs members that have had encounters with Extra-terrestrials and those members work directly with individuals that come to us for assistance. We have studied encounters with extraterrestrials on a scientific level and have developed methods for detecting such entities and we can help you get a better understanding of what is happening or even assist in putting a stop to unwanted visitation from such beings.

Our overall goal is to help our clients grasp a better understanding about what is happening to them as an abductee, experiencer, or Contactee.

We make legitimate attempts to find honest realistic answers for the type of phenomena our client’s experience, while working side by side with each client in a safe and structured environment. Each extra-terrestrial encounter is different, so we personalize our services to cater to our client’s specific needs.

We gather scientific data by investigating our client’s claims on an intimate and caring level. We let our clients know that this is a legitimate subject that should be taken seriously and we give them the tools knowledge and strength to cope with the unpredictable reactions of friends and family members that may not see things from our client’s perspective.

If you are interested in receiving our “Free services” here is what you need to know.

We provide standard psychological screenings and medical examinations. These screenings are only set in place to gather data and if at all possible to help back up the claims made by our client’s. However they are NOT mandatory. If you do not wish to undergo any part of the psychological or medical evaluation process then you can opt out. However by choosing to do so you may compromise the credibility of your claim. The choice is still up to the client and we will still make an attempt to work with you. However we reserve the right to terminate your case at any time if we feel we are being misled or if there becomes an issue with the stability of our client’s claim.  

Our methods are meant to debunk false claims and to enforce the credibility of the legitimate claims made by our clients.

We believe that our client’s deserve respect and a fair chance to present us with their claims. We feel that our time and resources are valuable and important and we want to take on cases that can help us get answers not only for ourselves but for our past, present and future clients. That is why we follow strict guidelines backed by science and fact that will help us to better assist our client’s.


If you need our help please contact us here on our site by filling out one of the forms available on our home page.

If you think you have had contact with an extra-terrestrial species and you would like to talk to someone about your experience, please contact us. We hold monthly group meetings to openly discuss the phenomena in Salem, New Hampshire, if you are not from the New Hampshire area and you would like to attend our group meetings you may do so via Skype. Keep in mind each meeting is held at a private location and they are closed to the public and only clients that are working directly with GreyStar on their claims may attend. We do this for the safety of our staff and our clients.

GreyStar’s research covers a wide variety of paranormal subjects and we are more than willing to assist you with just about any claim you make.

GreyStar Paranormal Institute has a number of staff members that have had their own personal experiences with extra-terrestrial contact and we can relate to the overall life changing effects of such an encounter on a very intimate level. We will not judge you.