Jonathan Grey


Jonathan Grey is the founder of (GreyStar Paranormal Institute) and currently resides in New Hampshire where he has been helping many Clients & paranormal organizations for several years. 

Jonathan began his role in the field of paranormal investigations in 1997' however his experiences with the paranormal realm began as early as his years as a toddler.

He is the owner of (Hamilton Grey Productions) multimedia company that caters to low budget projects. he uses his expertise in audio engineering and videography to assist paranormal groups with internet based promotions. He is also the personality of the GreyStar Paranormal Institute's YouTube Channel. Jonathan is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer with 3 full length albums available in stores.

 Link to Jonathans albums available in stores

Link to Jonathans albums available in stores


Jonathan's technical background has given him extensive knowledge of all the necessary scientific equipment needed to conduct the research required for investigating any type of paranormal phenomena ranging from dimensional phenomena to crypto-zoological, However Jonathan's main focal point in the paranormal field is his research into alien human contact and the alien agenda due to his own personal experiences with such entities. Jonathan has studied ufology since his early teen years and continues to focus on the phenomena to present day.

In 2011, Jonathan became the developer of the "3D Digital Audio Method" used for collecting E.V.P.'s. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) This method is used by GreyStar to record 3D audio which helps make incredibly clear E.V.P.'s when the phenomena takes place.

These recordings create a visual notation of an audio event in real time in the three dimensional real world which helps pin point an exact location of an audio event by using audio editing software to assist in this method. This method has yet to be used by any other paranormal organization.

Below is a video tutorial elaborating on the 3D audio technique.

In 2005 Jonathan was the founder of Universal Paranormal Investigations "Massachusetts division" and was known for his since cancelled and removed YouTube series (Jonathan removed the series to begin a more updated series due to ever evolving information) the show was titled (Jonny Paranormal) he covered proper scientific method and use of paranormal related investigation equipment and how to properly investigate a paranormal claim within a controlled environment. 

From 2005-2007 Jonathan was an unofficial freelance consultant for the Sci-fi channel for their Sci-fi original (documentary) line. He is currently a scout for several paranormal related TV series based in the united states.

From 2012 - 2013 Jonathan was a voice over personality for the UFO Paranormal Radio Network performing Show introductions & commercial spots for several of the channels radio shows.

Jonathan has worked with many New England based Paranormal groups, he has assisted many of these groups with their research along with lending a hand to less experienced investigators along the way and making the over all community a better place.

Jonathan's main goal in the paranormal community is to wake up the general public to the reality that has been hidden in plan sight by teaching paranormal organizations and clients what he has learned as a paranormal investigator with his 20+ years in the field.

Jonathan's research goes far beyond what the mainstream public has seen as typical examples of paranormal research and the knowledge he possesses spans several categories of paranormal inquiry such as Ufology, Cryptozoology & Parapsychology.

In 2012 Jonathan officially announced his organization (GreyStar Paranormal Institute) to the world although he has been humbly organized since 1997 conducting private research in collaboration with some of the top minds in the paranormal community.

Some of the individuals working in collaboration with Jonathan & GreyStar can be found in the "Great researchers" link below.

Jonathan created GreyStar as a means to compress all factual knowledge about paranormal phenomena into a single resource in which all investigators can learn, network & share new & old information in a professional and productive manner.

As of 2015 Jonathan has begun filming a New Hampshire Based paranormal documentary series titled "Strange Things Are Happening" The series released its first episode in September 2016 on the Greystar Paranormal Institute YouTube channel. a brief summery of some of the topics covered in the series include (The haunted Madame Sherri forest, The little Green man of Derry A.K.A. "The Derry NH fairy" and the hide behind.

Links to Hamilton Grey Productions & The "Strange Things Are Happening" YouTube Channel are available throughout the Greystar website.