Strange Things Are Happening- Episode 1 Season 1

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Madame Sherri Forest


Greystar takes you to Madame Sherri forest, located in West Chesterfield New Hampshire.
We are here to investigate the claims of paranormal activity surrounding the land of the late Madame Sherri.
Known by many names Madame Sherri, born Antoinette Bramare in Paris in 1876, she was an eccentric Dancer and fashion designer also known infamously to the people of Chesterfield as Madame Sherri.
In 1930 some years after the death of her husband Andre Rilela also known as Anthony Macussio. Madame spend many years traveling the world with her close and famous friend “Charles Lamar” in order to cope with the loss of her love, after Charles and Madame’s travels had ended Madame met a silent film actor by the name of Jack Henderson who was a famous resident of chesterfield known for throwing elaborate parties topped off with booze and naked women popping out of cakes, upon visiting Chesterfield to attend Jack’s parties’, Madame would fall in love with the area and in doing so she decided to purchased several acres of land in the town payed for by her close friends Charles Lamar.
In 1931 Madame broke ground to build a party house in the woods that she called her “castle”. It was a cross between a French chateau and a roman villa, Madame would never actually live in the castle but instead she would live in squalor in a room in the Furlone Farm just down the road.
Many years of partying with beautiful and famous people would pass as the aging designer would suffer hardships after her good friend Charles Lamar stopped sending her money, that would eventually lead to Madame Sherri spending less time on the property partying and more time with the locals.
In 1959 the castle was vandalized so badly that Madame Sherri vowed not to return to the property.
1962 a fire claimed the remains of the Madame Sherri castle and Madame would eventually end up living out the rest of her days in a nursing home.
One day in 1965 Madame was visited by a local woman by the name of Ann Stokes, Ann asked Madame if she could buy her property, Madame agreed later that same week, she passed away.
After several years of owning the property Ann decided that she no longer considered herself to be the sole owner of the property as the locals would flock to the land to enjoy picnics, hikes and parties in the woods.
In knowing the rich history of the land 1991 Ann Stokes opted to donate the property to the society for the protection of New Hampshire Forests.
People would travel from all over to come see the unusual ruins of this remarkable party house. Later hiking trails were put in and the land would then be dedicated officially on October 17th 1998 as “The Madame Sherri forest”.
That is when the forest decided to take on a life of its own.
Local teens and adults would go out to the ruins of the castle to throw parties of their own late at night, and paranormal researchers would come from all around to reminisce the history of the land. Police say that since there have been so many unusual disturbances from vandalism to theft that no one is allowed in the Madame Sherri forest after dark for their own safety.
Hikers claim to hear old time music playing along with sounds of people partying in the woods when no one else was around.
Strange lights, sounds and stories over the years would start to bring an air of mystery to the woods of West Chesterfield.
Greystar decided that it was time to set the record straight. Has Madame Sherri returned to reclaim her castle or is there another explanation for the phenomena that the town folks are experiencing?