Metallic Orb UFO - Middleton MA

Original Photo


Enhanced Photo

                                                                                                                                                               ENHANCED PHOTO

While driving along a back road just off RT 95 In Middleton Ma

The witness felt compelled to take a short walk into a wooded area where there was a small body of water. The sky looked really nice and the witness wanted to capture the moment.

To the witnesses surprise when enlarging the photo they noticed at almost dead center of the photograph was a small metallic orb.

CASE NOTE: Metallic orbs of this type are often seen located around small bodies of water such as swamps & ponds. It is believed that these craft often use these bodies of water to hideout. These craft are often witnessed to have observational characteristics.  

Taken in Middleton Ma, On 1/3/2007 Time: 4:41PM