Our Guidelines

GreyStar is a friendly discreet paranormal service serving all of Southern New Hampshire.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have an experience or just want to ask us a question, send us a message by filling out the contact form available on this site.

All our emails go straight to our 24hr headquarters.

We take all cases on a triage basis. We understand that some events happen very sudden. There are no 911 call centers that respond to paranormal events but we try our best to give you a sense of security by being your personal paranormal first responders. We try our best to respond as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that we are a small team and work very intimately with our clients.

Every case is important to us so please do not hold back when telling us your story.

Investigation guidelines

 (GreyStar is a family friendly service. With this in mind, we have a few guidelines our clients must follow before we are able to take your case.)These guidelines are for the safety of both our staff and yourself. In order for us to provide our services to you we need you to acknowledge and follow these strict guidelines.


  • Only the immediate residence(s) of the dwelling should be present during the investigation.(In some cases we may need the entire home or location vacated by all occupants in order to execute particular aspects of the investigation)
  • We ask that your home be clean enough to walk around in safely and that all pets are put in a designated location during the investigation. (Note) If you have a noisy pet we ask that if at all possible this pet be relocated to a site other than the location of the investigation such as a friend’s home or overnight animal motel. 
  • We ask that you fill out all the necessary survey forms. These forms will be explained to you by a GreyStar staff member that will come to your location to conduct a preliminary interview before we confirm an investigation. These survey forms play an essential role in helping us with our investigation. 
  • In some cases before GreyStar can come out to your location to conduct a physical investigation we may ask that the witness or witnesses that experienced the paranormal phenomena in question submit to an informal psychological screening before we invest our time into your case. (In short we need to know if the witness involved in the case is reliable.) If you are taking certain medications, or if you have a history of mental illness, it will place you in a less credible position than a witness that does not have those qualities.


The following are general investigation guidelines that we need your help with in order to conduct the best investigation possible.

  • Snoring - if you have a known habit of snoring, inform investigators, wear a “breathe right” strip and/or try sleeping on in a different position. (This is only for overnight cases relating to alien abductions or if you choose to sleep while we are present)
  • Pets - if you have pets, please isolate them to a room and remove dog tags/bells/and collars that make noise. Please keep them as quiet as possible if they cannot be relocated for the night.
  • Clean area - in order to move around our equipment to get every angle possible please keep a neat organized area for GreyStar to unload equipment and set up a home base on location.
  • Children - keep children as calm and quiet as possible if you have children that are unruly or like to touch things please note that our equipment is very expensive and you will be asked to pay for any equipment damaged by a member of your residence during an investigation. (Note that this rule does not apply if the equipment is ruined by the paranormal phenomena in question) We also need to keep the overall environment as calm and quiet as possible.
  • Electronics - Anything that makes noise in your home please put on silent or turn it off unless it is vital to the function of the household such as a A/C, heater, refrigerator, toilet bowl, fish tank filters. Other items such as cell phones, clocks, watches that beep, game systems, computers, radios...etc. may interfere with our equipment and we ask that you shut these devices off.
  • The only people who should be present during an investigation, interview, or exam are the home or business owners, witnesses, and people directly involved with the paranormal encounter.
  • To avoid corrupted pictures or videos please no smoking, no unnecessary lights such as TVs, strobe lights, black lights, night lights, neon signs, high powered electronics such as power tools and large industrial machinery may need to be unplugged or removed during the investigation.
  • In order for us to investigate we need all information in detail no matter how miniscule or graphic or unusual. (Note) We do not judge you. We are only there to help. We are not obligated to report any unusual activities to any authorities. So please be as honest as possible for the best results.
  • No one other than GreyStar staff are allowed near or to use any equipment unless specifically instructed by a staff member.

(No drugs or alcohol will be tolerated during our investigation at your location “period”!)

GreyStar reserves the right to terminate an investigation at any time before or during the investigation for any reason. In some rare cases GreyStar may reserve the right to refuse services to a client without explanation.


Our Investigation


  • Investigation durations range from 1-6 hours depending upon the case. (Some case durations may vary by days, months, or years.

  • Audio, video, & still pictures will be taken for documentation purposes throughout the investigation.

  • Several meters will be used to gather data. This data will be logged and cross referenced against our database.

  • Like most paranormal research groups we will try to eliminate all possible causes of paranormal claims by finding any logical explanations for any of these occurrences. (The proper term used for this method is called “Debunking”)  For example, if you hear a thumping or banging in a wall, we will try to find a source for that thumping or even try to re-create it. Our methods in these investigations are to ensure that we are getting 100% real paranormal activity and not just normal household functioning.

  • It is necessary for GreyStar members to "inspect" the home or business (both inside and outside, top to bottom) to exclude any hazards that may be present. Safety is our number one priority and no evidence is worth getting injured over.

  • Before we arrive at your home or location, we will call ahead of time to confirm the time, address, and any parking issues before hand. We will also confirm the estimated duration of the investigation.

  • Before we investigate your residence you must sign some standard forms stating you, the client, are giving us permission to conduct scientific research in your home or business or on your property and retrieve evidence from your location. You must also agree to our requirements for an investigation. This is to establish safety guidelines for our investigators.

  • The next step is to conduct the actual investigation. We will set-up equipment throughout the location. We also set-up a base area (4'ft table) where we can have room to monitor our cameras, audio equipment & laptops to set up as a home base for members to gather for instruction. Next, we walk through the entire premises, with our equipment gathering any data available. In this part of the investigation, members will try to re-create any sounds, feelings or visual anomalies as stated in the interviews. We conduct the actual investigation usually anywhere between the hours of 9PM to4AM or at the client’s convenience, depending on the claims made by the eyewitnesses and the times any particular event may occur. Sometimes investigations may take 2 hours to complete. Sometimes investigations may take 4-6 hours to complete; all depending on the size of the location and the claims stated by the client.

  • Last but not least, (evidence review). Evidence review is not a 4 hour investigation followed by 10 minutes of reviewing pictures and videos or data found on site that same night like you see on the TV shows.  Evidence review is a very long and tedious process that takes sometimes up to 10 times longer than the actual investigation its self. Sometimes evidence reviews can take up to 2-4 weeks. In a typical investigation conducted by GreyStar we will collect over 30-40 hours of audio and 16-24 hours of video is collected, along with anywhere between 200-1,500 Still pictures reviewed and then sometimes re-reviewed. Several tests are performed on all the data collected and an audio, video & picture analysis will be performed by a specialist. In some cases we will send out samples collected. Those samples will be sent to a lab for review and full reports will be filed for us to review once tests are completed by a lab or specialist. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks before contacting GreyStar about evidence collected at your location. If we find anything we will contact you via phone or email the moment evidence to back your claim has been found. If the evidence is significant we will send a staff member to your location to review the findings.

  •  Note that GreyStar has several years of experience and our researchers are of the highest caliber and credentials.  Each member has undergone extensive paranormal training and has been certified for field research by “GreyStar Paranormal Institute”.