Greystar Paranormal Investigation skill development program


Are you new to the field of paranormal investigation or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your skill set?

Greystar Paranormal Institute offers training programs that will help novice and professional investigators get the edge they need to successfully collect data regarding any type of paranormal phenomena.

  • Equipment training

  • Investigation techniques

  • Proper background research

  • Team coordination

  • Overall team assessment program


Equipment Training – learn which tools to use for investigating specific types of phenomena.

Investigation Techniques – Greystar will show you and your organization how to investigate particular types of phenomena and how to collect the data in an organized and professional manner.

Proper Background Research – Learn how to conduct a background check whether it be on a person, place or thing. Find out how to gather information locally and online to get information to help resolve your case.

Team Coordination – Develop communication skills, learn how to work together as a team. Learn how to play your part within the team and know when your particular skills are needed and when they are not.

Overall team Assessment Program – Already good at what you do? There is always room for improvement. Take your already great skills to the next level. Greystar Paranormal Institute will come with you on an investigation and evaluate your interaction with clients, how your team deals with the paranormal phenomena being claimed and how well your team knows how to use their equipment, data collection methods and how well your team works together overall. At the end of the evaluation you’ll be given an assessment sheet with grades on what you did great on and what could use some improvement.

After taking part in our programs:

You’ll receive a certification stating that you have been given a specific grade. You can wear it as a badge of honor or you can improve your grade following the suggestions given to your team by Greystar or by taking part in one of our training programs. The choice is yours.

All evaluations are confidential and only your organization will be allowed to publically share your grade. 

These programs are meant to assist in building up the paranormal community to a higher standard. Participating in one of our programs means that you want to go further as an investigator.

Helping clients get answers is our number one priority. Knowledge is power and with the growing number of paranormal investigation groups out there having a standard is key to successful endeavors.  


We are currently only providing this service locally. NH,MA,ME,VT organizations only. (Sorry for any inconvenience)

All training services will be free until April 1st 2016 during our promotional period. Spaces are limited.  Donations are appreciated during this time frame. After April 1st 2016 service prices will be listed so please take advantage of this limited time offer. You can save hundreds of dollars by signing up today for free.